SharkBite® Connection System™
Regulator Test Tube

SharkBite® EB-45 Temporary Bypass Kit

This kit allows for connection to the water supply before pressure regulator installation. A time saving way to flush out all debris and particles from the plumbing system.


Domestic water supply service.


Size Part Number Part Number (Lead Free)
EB-45 3/4" 22934 -


The SharkBite® Push-Fit Fittings have been design certified and listed to ASSE 1061/NSF 61. The SharkBite® Push-Fit Fittings are listed by IAPMO and are certified for potable and hydronic heating water distribution (Note: Glycol mixture for hydronics is not to exceed 50% concentration). The SharkBite® Push-Fit Fittings have been certified for underground applications and as a manufactured joint without access panels and they meet UPC, IPC and Canadian Plumbing Code requirements.


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