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EB25 Multi-Cartridge Pressure Regulating Valve

The EB25 Multi-Cartridge pressure reducing valve eliminates the need for costly two-valve installation in applications subject to wide variation in water demand. Benefits include accurate flow control and pressure regulation, plus simple cartridge change-out for servicing. The Multi-Cartridge design has a convenient orange pressure
adjustment twist-cap and numerical indicator that allows for quick adjustment of water pressure. The state-of-the art single piece cartridge design makes servicing the valve fast and easy. The pressure reducing valve is designed to service commercial and institutional water installations that experience wide variation in water demand.

Each PRV cartridge has an adjustable range of 20-90 psi but come factory set at 55 psi, 50 psi, and 45 psi respectively.

The EB25 Multi-Cartridge is discontinued for the state-of-the-art EB25 Plus. View the product here.

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