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Case Study: Goode Plumbing Chicago Combats Water Heater Problems with Cash Acme

Mike Goode, owner of Goode Plumbing, shares his experience using the Cash Acme Tank Booster Pro and HG135 to increase hot water, prevent scalding and reduce the risk of Legionella bacteria for his customers.

Dealing with Limited Hot Water Availability and the Risk of Legionnaire’s Disease in Chicago 

Customers of Goode Plumbing in Chicago report insufficient hot water in their homes, especially during the summer when children are home from school.  

Mike Goode, owner and master plumber, needed an efficient way to increase hot water in customers’ homes while protecting them from scalding. They were also looking for a way to protect customers against Legionella bacteria, which can be killed by turning the water temperature up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Legionella is a water-borne bacterium that can cause Legionnaire’s disease and is much easier to prevent than to remove. 

In the past, Goode and his team had quality issues with various plumbing valves they used, which led to an increase in customer callbacks. Their new solution needed to be high quality, reliable and safe. 

Then Goode discovered Cash Acme, and they haven’t looked back. 

Solving Hot Water Problems with Cash Acme 

Doubling Water Heater Capacity 

By installing the Tank Booster Pro, a thermostatic mixing valve, Goode’s team can turn the customer’s water heater up high enough to kill Legionella bacteria while maintaining a safe outgoing water temperature. It also effectively doubles his customers’ water heater capacity, allowing everyone in the family to have a hot shower.  

Tank Booster Pro provides Goode Plumbing with a way to increase customers’ water heater temperature, while preventing scalding and the growth of Legionella bacteria. 

Delivering Safe Output at Every Sink 

His team also started recommending the HG135, a compact thermostatic mixing valve that tempers the water to a specific temperature and can control multiple faucets at once. The HG135 allows the installer to adjust the temperature of each sink in a home, or business, so that it matches the needs of those who will be using them most frequently, such as children or the elderly.  

It’s particularly useful for residential double sinks and multi-sink hand washing stations in commercial bathrooms. All you need is one mixing valve for multiple sinks.   

Increasing Customer Satisfaction, Flexibility and Control 

No Customer Callbacks with the Tank Booster 

Goode’s team loves installing Cash Acme’s Tank Booster because the built-in temperature gauge makes it easy to set up. 

“Since installing the Tank Booster, we’ve had zero customer callbacks,” Goode said in his review. “It’s just been a phenomenal product.  

Flexibility and Control with the HG135 

The Cash Acme HG135 hot water tempering valve provides Goode’s team with flexibility to control every faucet in the house or business. It’s easy and enjoyable for his team to install.  

“You can tell the difference between Cash Acme’s products and a competitor’s just by holding them in your hand,” he said. “The HG135 is a solid product made with old-world craftsmanship.” 

The HG135 allows Goode Plumbing to give customers control over their water temperatures while protecting against scalding. 

Excellent Customer Service 

And because Goode Plumbing is new to Cash Acme products, they appreciate the dedicated customer service from RWC’s team.  

“Whenever something new comes out,” Goode said, “we make a phone call and our questions are answered right then and there. It’s very easy to work with Cash Acme.” 

Learn More About Cash Acme 

To evaluate Cash Acme’s water heater solutions, contact our knowledgeable customer support team online or call (877) 700-4242

About Goode Plumbing 

Goode Plumbing provides professional, honest and dependable plumbing services for residences and businesses in and around Chicago. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in its workmanship and is available 24/7 for emergency services. 

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