Cash Acme Tank Booster for the Home Depot


Introducing Tank Booster by Cash Acme.

Do you have a customer who wants to increase their hot water capacity with the larger, energy efficient water heater, but they just don’t have the space?

Tank Booster is your solution.

Tank Booster is a thermostatic mixing valve for your water heater that safeguards against scalding and increases hot water system capacity by up to 50%.

Made of high-grade polymers that generous water passages prevent scaling and lime build-up.

Install Tank Booster easily on new or existing gas or electric water heaters with no soldering or glue required.

Install the thermostatic valve on the hot water outlet nipple, install the tee on the cold-water inlet nipple and connect the two with the flex hose.

Connect Tank Booster to the hot and cold water lines using SharkBite Water Heater Connection Flex Hoses.

Turn the water heater thermostat to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and that’s it.

Certified for household and commercial applications, Tank Booster is perfect for just about every job.

Get it online, in Home Depot stores or even special order through the Home Depot Pro Desk.

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