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A-41 and AB-40 Pressure Regulating Boiler Feed Valve

The A-41 series pressure reducing boiler feed valve provides increased capacity for larger boilers. It has threaded female connections and an iron body with a stainless steel seat. The AB-40 series pressure reducing boiler feed valve features a brass body and a combo connection which allows either a threaded or sweat copper connection with the same union tail piece. The AB-40 also includes a check valve and provides an inbuilt bypass for rapid filling, high pressure testing and system purging. Both the AB-40 and A-41 have a heat resistant diaphragm and seat disc, and an inbuilt strainer screen. The reduced pressure setting is 14 psi. The maximum inlet working pressure is 200 psi.

Note: For backflow prevention of boiler water into the potable water supply line, install a BFP dual check valve.

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