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Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

Commercial, Residential
Tank Booster Pro with temperature gauge, and braided hose.
Tank Booster Pro with temperature gauge, and braided hose.
Hot water Tank Booster from Cash Acme.
Water heater Tank Booster Pro with temperature gauge and corrugated hose.
Installed Tank Booster on hot water tank with braided hose.

The Cash Acme hot water Tank Booster® combines a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV), Flexible Connector and Water Heater Tee in one package. It’s designed to effectively double a household’s usable hot water heater capacity while delivering water at safe temperatures in both residential and commercial applications.

The Tank Booster and Tank Booster Pro both provide source-point temperature control for hot water heaters, allowing the water in the tank to reach up to 140°F – high enough to destroy bacteria. While the water within the tank is incredibly hot, the Tank Booster outputs are all set at 120°F (49°C). This ensures the water leaving the tank is delivered at a safe temperature. The valves can be easily adjusted if a lower temperature is desired at delivery.

Tank Booster products are shipped with the valve, flexible connector and water heater tee. They are compatible with SharkBite Flexible Water Heater Connectors & Ball Valves for easy installation in systems using copper, CPVC or PEX tubing. There’s no need for additional transition fittings.

Tank Booster PRO (wholesale)

Includes valve, water heater tee, flexible water heater connectors and Tank Booster temperature gauge.

  • Lockable adjustment.
  • Recirculation port.
  • Non-returns integral to both inlets.
  • Filters for both inlets.
  • Hot inlet and cold inlet supplied.
  • Adjustable temperature range: 95°F (35°C) – 130°F (54°C).
  • Available via wholesale retailers. Find a rep.

Tank Booster (retail)

Includes valve, water heater tee and flexible water heater connectors.

  • Knob adjustment with tamper-evident sticker.
  • Lockable adjustment.
  • Non-returns integral to both inlets.
  • Filters for both inlets.
  • Hot inlet integral, cold inlet supplied.
  • Adjustable temperature range: 90°F (32°C) – 130°F (54°C).
  • Available via retail stores.
Application: Domestic & commercial hot water distribution. Control water temperature output from hot water heater tank to create consistent hot water experiences at specific fixtures.
Approvals and Listings: ASSE 1017 ASSE 1070* CSA B125.3* NSF/ANSI 372 NSF/ANSI 61 Listed by ASSE, IAPMO *NOTE - applicable to Tank Booster PRO model only.
Hot Water Heater Safety

How a Tank Booster can keep residents safe.

Using a Tank Booster to store water at a higher temperature in a hot water tank helps prevent Legionella. With our at-source mixing valve, residents are also protected from these scalding temperatures required to keep germs at bay. Stay up to date on scalding facts, Legionella prevention tips, and how to deliver hot water safely with Cash Acme Tank Booster and other TMV solutions.

Hot Water Tank Safety Info

Product Options

Lead Free
Standard Part #
Factory Setting
115-120°F (46-48.9°C)
Tank Booster PRO with corrugated hose + temperature gauge (wholesale)
115-120°F (46-48.9°C)
Tank Booster PRO with braided hose + temperature gauge (wholesale)
115-120°F (46-48.9°C)
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