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About Cash Acme

Proudly built in America for more than 100 years.

Cash Acme's water control valves stand the test of time. Proudly built in U.S. for over 100 years, Cash Acme is the world’s largest volume T&P valve manufacturer and continues to lead the industry with unique water control solutions for everyday residential, commercial and industrial plumbing applications.  

Through a robust range of potable and non-potable water plumbing products, Cash Acme specializes in pressure, thermostatic and temperature control valves designed to safeguard water systems in all types of facilities. With more than 100 million valves produced and counting, Cash Acme's history of innovation and dependable quality has made it a trusted name to industry pros for decades. 

Innovation That Keeps You Ahead of the Curve 

In today’s labor market, creative plumbing solutions can mean the difference between a profitable job and losing money. Coupled with SharkBite™ push-fit plumbing solutions, also manufactured and distributed by RWC, Cash Acme’s lead-free valves provide installers with a truly unique plumbing solution that can be installed quickly and with confidence.  

Making a change may seem difficult, but our knowledgeable team of product training experts are here to support your business with forward-thinking solutions. They cover all areas across North America and execute 1,500+ hours of training a year to educate industry professionals on the wide range of Cash Acme products. Through in-store, onsite and online training curriculum, our training team helps implement customized water control systems to safeguard facilities from Canada to Mexico and everywhere in between. 

Logistics That Support Your Timeline 

Cash Acme’s logistics management has continued to evolve with our ever-changing industry and growing business. Our manufacturing and distribution facilities have expanded substantially and continue to do so while seamlessly meeting the needs of our customers. Our manufacturing and distribution spaces across the U.S. and Canada allow us to continue to deliver the highest quality product at an above-average fill rate year round, even during freezes and cold weather months.  

And, as always, our knowledgeable customer service team is there to help with questions and immediate support. It’s just another reason the industry has counted on Cash Acme for more than a century. 

Quality That Stands the Test of Time 


Cash Acme is built on a legacy of high performance. In 1893, A.W. Cash designed a valve for U.S. Navy submarines. With the bottom of the sea as his testing ground, the valve became celebrated for its performance, reliability and dependability. Every water control valve we build is born from its DNA.  

Today, that high standard of quality is realized in our Cullman, Alabama, manufacturing plant. Having a state-of-the-art facility allows us to own the manufacturing process of every single product from start to finish, so every Cash Acme water control valve that’s installed is guaranteed from concept to delivery. Our ISO 9001-certified quality assurance processes ensure that every valve that leaves our facility is 100% tested and meets all industry standards. The end result is reliable products worthy of carrying the Cash Acme name — and products worthy of the pros we serve. 

Part of the RWC Family of Brands 

Cash Acme is an integral part of Reliance Worldwide Corporation™ (RWC), a market leader and manufacturer of water control systems and plumbing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Established in 1949, the RWC portfolio includes industry-leading brands:

  • SharkBite™ push-to-connect plumbing solutions
  • HoldRite™ engineered plumbing and mechanical solutions
  • Cash Acme™ control valves
  • John Guest™ fittings and fluid dispense products
  • EZ-FLO™ and Eastman™ appliance connectors, supply lines, stop valves and gas connectors

Engineered for quality and efficiency, the portfolio of products from the RWC brands work together to create an end-to-end solution from meter to fixture, floor to ceiling. 

RWC Family of Brands

Push-to-connect plumbing solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Pipe supports, acoustic solutions, firestop systems, DWV and water heater accessories.

PRVs, TMVs and T&P relief valves for safeguarding water systems.

Push-to-connect technologies for drinks dispense, pure water, pneumatics and OEMs.

Manufacturing and distributing premium quality appliance, plumbing and MRO products trusted by pros for decades.

Supplying reliable products for wholesalers, appliance manufacturers, retail buyers and buying groups.