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EB45 SharkBite Pressure Regulating Valve

The EB45 Pressure Regulator with SharkBite push-fit connections features a half cartridge design that offers the performance of a high-end, cartridge-based valve and the price of a traditional regulator. The valve construction is similar to a traditional regulator in that it retains a separate spring chamber and adjusting screw, but offers the simplicity and maintenance benefits of a cartridge-based valve. The EB45 comes factory set at 45 psi but may be adjusted between 10-70 psi. The EB45 is available with several different SharkBite connections for ease of installation, and a trustworthy watertight seal. 

EB45 SharkBite options include Double Union SharkBite, Direct SharkBite, or Direct SharkBite with Slip Feature and includes an integrated back-check feature in case the pressure in the system exceeds the incoming pressure.

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