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HG135 Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The HG135 is a sleek and compact under-sink temperature mixing valve designed to help prevent scalding. Meeting ASSE 1070 standards for mixing valves, it features a superior, fast-acting thermostatic element that provides stable operation at flow rates as low as .25 gpm (.95 lpm). The under-sink, anti-scald valve also reduces the outlet flow to a trickle in the event of a cold-water supply failure to avoid scalding.

The valve inlets and outlet connections of the HG135 hot water tempering valve are standard 3/8 in. supply line compression connections for use with 3/8 in. OD tube. The inlets feature check valves to prevent cross-contamination as well as serviceable strainer screens to prevent the valve from being clogged with dirt or debris. The HG135 is available in two variations that allow it to be installed as an under-sink mixing valve for sensor faucets or two handle manual faucets as needed.

Each HG135 temperature mixing valve includes a purpose-built mounting bracket and hardware to securely fasten the valve to the wall. The compact design and pleasant aesthetics allow our under-sink mixing valve to fit neatly under or behind a single basin.

In compliance with ASSE 1070 standards, the adjusted outlet temperature range of the HG135 is 100 – 120°F (38-49°C)

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