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Thermal Balancing Valve Animation

Watch How the Cash Acme Thermal Balancing Valve Works (3D Animation) on YouTube.

Introducing the CashAcme thermal balancing valve

The Thermostatic circuit control valve, designed to automatically control the temperature within a circulating hot water system. Located on the recirculation return lines the valve dynamically adjusts the flow rate using a thermostatic element in a branch or circuit based on the temperature of the hot water and the valve setting. As the water temperature increases towards the set point the thermal balancing valve reacts by restricting the flow of circulating water to maintain the temperature and force the water to other parts of the system that are at lower temperatures.

This valve comes with several key features that sets it apart from competitors, including:

  1. An integrated check valve, to prevent backflow.
  2. A dry-fit removable temperature gauge, to monitor system temperature.
  3. Automatic thermal disinfection, The automatic thermal disinfection function allows for increased flow rate through the circuit at high temperatures, which helps to disinfect the hot water system of dangerous bacteria such as legionella.
  4. Cartridge design, The valve features a cartridge design for easy maintenance or replacement. This eliminates the need for extra components and labor to install it as all of these features are included in the compact and simple design.

The thermal balancing valve is available in a half-inch and three-quarter-inch male NPT sizes and is certified to:

  • NSF ANSI CAN 372

It's perfect for a variety of applications, especially where safety and ease of maintenance are vital. Upgrade your hot water system with the CashAcme Thermal balancing valve and experience the convenience and efficiency that it offers.